improving the safety, security & energy efficiency of your home or business across the northern beaches and north shore!

G’day from the Northern Beaches, where the sun meets the surf, and your local sparky, is making waves with Allphases Electrical and Solar. 

Here at Allphases Electrical and Solar, we’re a on a mission! 
That mission is to help the Northern Beaches and North Shore communities have THE safest, most secure and energy efficient homes and businesses possible! We want to  light up homes, businesses, and our beautiful Northern Beaches community with sustainable energy solutions.

We get it! 
Tim, (Allphases’ Electrical and Solar owner) is a family man himself – he totally understands the need to keep the family safe and secure at all times!
We all know that electricity is a very powerful, convenient force: it lights our homes, powers our devices (oh, where would we be without those devices, right?) and keeps our businesses running smoothly…

But – it can also be incredibly dangerous if not handled with care!
And that’s why at Allphases Electrical and Solar we are committed to providing YOU with exceptional electrical services to ensure your home or place of business is electrically safe! 

Whether that be in regard to smoke alarm installations (or annual health checks), automated security systems for home or business; or the need to replace that old-style switchboard – you and your family’s safety is our top priority! 

Contact Us Today – We’re not just about fixing fuses and installing solar panels – we’re your partners in powering up your world sustainably.


What Makes Us the best choice for you?

Did you know it is possible for electrical wiring to ‘leak’ electricity and cause an electric shock to anyone who touches an affected surface?
Hold on… no need to panic just yet!! 
Because there is a simple, cost effective and reliable device that can actually save lives in this situation…
Yes, it’s true! 

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are small safety switches that cut the supply of electricity IMMEDIATELY if an earth leakage occurs. 
Circuit breakers and fuses CANNOT do this, as the amount of current needed to ‘flip’ them is enough to take a life!

It’s a simple, affordable preventive measure that ensures the safety of the most important people in our world! 

Frighteningly, the Master Electricians Australia estimates that about 40% of Australian dwellings are in fact WITHOUT RCDs! 

Don’t take the risk – contact Tim today and book him to do a full safety check of your home or business’s switchboard. 

With crime rates ever-increasing, let the team at Allphases Electrical and Solar help you take control and feel empowered, safe and secure again.

Home and business security systems have come along way with the dramatic advancements of technology within the last decade or so.
So, why not use this to your advantage?
Feel you need to monitor who arrives at your front door?
No problem – Allphases Electrical and Solar can definitely help you achieve this! 

Work from home and need to know you are safe at all times? 
Allphases Electrical and Solar has got you covered! 

Whether it be security lighting, fully automated gates and doors, or a whole house smart security system, Tim and the team at Allphases Electrical and Solar are happy to chat about your needs, design and install the best system possible, and supply regular maintenance and checks to ensure this investment provides benefits for a long, long time to come! 

Contact Tim today, and sleep better tonight! 

Have you noticed any need for more outdoor lighting on your Northern Beaches property? 
Don’t wait until an accident or fall happens! 
With Allphases Electrical and Solar we ensure that any job related to the installation of garden or pool lighting is done correctly the first time by using only the best quality tools, equipment, and materials.
We have honed our skills in garden lighting installation through on-the-job training, attending workshops, and ensuring that our techniques are current and updated. You can rely on us to consistently adhere to all state and local building codes and to never compromise on quality.

We know that pool or garden lighting installation can be expensive, so we make an effort to offer reasonably priced services, as we believe every individual should have access to a secure and safe home. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering outdoor lighting installation services of high quality at a reasonable cost.

By selecting our outdoor lighting installation services, you can be confident and proud that your home is in capable hands. A satisfaction guarantee backs our work, and we are composed of highly-skilled staff. The comfort and safety of those using a home pool, or garden area is important to the team at Allphases Electrical and Solar. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary estimate and witness why we are the most reliable when you are looking for garden lighting installation near me.

The choice is yours – appliances installed professionally, to Australian standards and codes; or perhaps save a few dollars and DIY?
There really is no choice if you want the assurance of your family’s safety!
Allphases Electrical and Solar is the right choice for those along the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney. 
With years of experience, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a professionally accredited team, Allphases Electrical and Solar are the ideal partner for all of your appliance installation needs. Our local electrical services have an established track record. We have assisted hundreds of property owners in Manly, Dee Why, Allambie Heights, Mosman, Chatswood and all over the Northern Beaches and North Shore areas with ceiling fans, power points, data points and other appliance installs. We work tirelessly to provide high-quality work so our customers feel confident in their property’s safety.

While many companies may offer appliance installation services, choosing a local and professional electrical company like ours is essential. We have a better understanding of the local weather patterns, which can significantly impact the electrical draw of a home. We are familiar with the local area and have experience working with similar homes, which equipped us to identify potential issues and develop appropriate solutions. Our company also supports the local economy. By working with a company based within our community, you are contributing to the growth and prosperity of our local area.

We know the local Northern Beaches – we live here too!
Let us develop customised solutions tailored to your property’s specific needs.
Our experts are available to assist in keeping you and your property safe. Talk to us now to experience first hand the best services you can find when you search for ceiling fan installation near me.

The professional installation of extra power points, switches, data points or antenna cabling is vital when it comes to the safety of your family.
There are many factors that determine the best location for such, and a professional electrician such as the team at Allphases Electrical and Solar can provide the best advice and guidance when it comes to such matters. 

For some installations, such as those near a spa or pool; extra protection needs to be provided inside the switchboard – so make sure to contact Allphases Electrical and Solar and draw on their years of experience and expertise! 
Tim and the team will install power points, switches, data and antenna points and cabling professionally, neatly and safely. With the constant growth in demand for appliances, and devices don’t continue to put your own safety and that of your family or work colleagues at risk by overloading existing power points – that’s RISKY right there! Get peace of mind and all the extra convenience you need by contacting Tim and the Allphases Electrical and Solar team, they’ll be able to provide you with the best solution, whether it’s an extra power point; or a whole rewiring!

Contact Tim and Allphases Electrical and Solar today! 


Your TRUSTED Solar solution provider

Electricity prices continue to climb – and many homes and businesses across the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney are feeling the pinch! 
So, what’s the solution?
How can we begin to offset this most needed cost of living and that of doing business? 
One such solution which continues to save money on electricity bills – for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and farms; just to name a few is by utilising the energy provided by the sun!
With the weather conditions that we, across the Northern Beaches – from Palm and Avalon Beach, all the way across Newport, Mona Vale and Warriewood, down to Narrabeen, Dee Why & Manly get to enjoy; installing a professionally designed and installed solar energy system will do much for the fight against the rising cost of energy. 
Yes, we all know there are less than professional companies in the solar industry; but that’s why Allphases Electrical and Solar stands high above the rest!
We are part of YOUR community – we live here too… raising our family, buying from local businesses, enjoying the local swell – we HAVE TO stand by the job we do when it comes to the professionalism of our solar installations. Many of our solar installation jobs come through word of mouth and referrals of family and friends – we won’t jeopardise those important relationships by providing poorly designed or installed systems.

We know we can create the perfect solar solution for just about any site – home or business, large family or single occupant. Then, with the highest quality panels and materials our professionally trained, and fully accredited team get to work to bring the design to reality! 

Have solar already, but still buying in energy from the grid? 
Perhaps it’s time to seriously consider a battery storage unit – and get closer to $0 electricity bill.

Well, firstly you need to take into consideration how you actually use electricity, or more to the point WHEN do you use electricity? 
For example, are you a sole occupant who has an early morning commute and then work away from home most of the day?
If so, your electricity usage pattern will be a lot different to that of a stay at home mum who has a couple of toddlers to entertain and care for throughout the day. 
It is these lifestyle and usage differences that need to play a part in the design and size of your solar and battery storage unit; and then the commitment to change habits to ensure majority of electricity usage is done so as per optimum time. 

It’s so easy to feel confused about this issue – that’s why it’s a great idea to contact Tim and the team at Allphases Electrical and Solar to discuss the best possible energy solution for you, personally! 
Tim and his professionally, fully accredited team have years of experience designing, installing, monitoring and maintaining solar and relevant energy storage systems. 

Contact Tim, and let him ease the confusion and hesitation you may feel when it comes to the best possibility for your home or business battery system. 

What is it?
The most important feature of an EV Charger? 
Is it speed of charge rate??… no, not that!
Is it making sure to invest in the best-known brand?… No, not that either

The number 1 feature to look for when making your choice about what EV Charger to install is simple – 
Yes, quality!! 
Remember, this investment is designed to bring you a return on your investment for many years to come… that’s only possible if the unit is of quality in the first place! 

And yes, for the average person trying to research the myriad of options available on the Australian market now – it can be incredibly confusing and daunting! And so – what’s the common outcome of that?
Procrastination or paralysis by analysis – some people will get so caught up in this research phase, that days, weeks, months, even years can go by with no actual decision being made; and therefore, no benefit being created for the home or business owner! 

Get out of this procrastination phase, and let Tim and his team at Allphases Electrical and Solar do the hard yards for you! Tim will visit your site, look at all the relevant factors (location, degree of shading, roof real estate, placement options) and design your solar and battery system; along with an EV Charger recommendation.

Get moving on this – contact Tim at Allphases Electrical and Solar today! 

meet the man on a mission

Allphases Electrical and Solar is not just a business; it’s a story of passion, commitment, with that touch of dedicated Aussie spirit!

Tim’s family made the decision to relocate from Melbourne when he was just 18 months old (so he’s nearly a Northern Beaches local).
Attending Cromer Primary and High Schools, Tim soaked up the beach lifestyle and the tight-knit Northern Beaches community – setting the stage for a lifelong connection with the sun, surf, and laid-back lifestyle this coastal haven has to offer.

It’s not hard to see why he fell in love with the place – the beaches, the food, the coffee, and the lifestyle that make every day feel like a vacation.
Tim has a real passion for his local community.

Now a Family Man: Meet Sarah, Beau and Imogen! “They are the reason I get out of bed in the morning” Tim said.
His wife, Sarah, and their two little legends, Beau and Imogen, inspire him every day to make a positive impact on the world. Together, they’re a tight-knit unit that enjoys spending quality time on the Hawkesbury, soaking up the sun, and making memories in their caravan.

Beyond the electrical circuits and solar panels, Tim’s life is an adventure. A lover of the great outdoors, he’s equally at home riding the waves, carving up the slopes on a snowboard, or gliding across the water on a wakeboard.

Tim has done his time with the emergency 24/7 life of an electrician – and now aims to have a more balanced lifestyle, with his young family being a top priority!

Tim’s venture into solar wasn’t just a career move; it was a mission to change the game.


Allphases Electrical and Solar is Tim’s brainchild, fuelled by a desire to offer a complete suite of services; a one-stop-shop for all things electrical and solar – from wiring your home to harnessing the power of the sun; Level 2 electrical services, battery installations and EV Charger setups – he wanted to cover it all: and now him and the team do!

Tim’s vision is clear: he wants to help families beat the energy game, both in terms of cost and environmental impact.

With 15 years in the electrical game, Tim isn’t your average sparky – he’s a seasoned pro!
At Allphases Electrical and Solar, there are no shortcuts.
No middlemen – Tim personally handles every job, ensuring quality craftsmanship and top-notch products.
His expertise spans everything from standard electrical work to the latest in solar technology, metering, Level 2 electrical services, and even setting up your home for EV charging.
His infectious enthusiasm for solar and genuine care for his clients shine through in every project. Expect nothing but top-notch products and that personal touch that only a local, family-owned business can offer.

The Journey into Solar: Tim's Vision